Romantic Evening Ideas – Making a First Date to Remember

Published: 16th February 2009
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Good romantic evening ideas make a lasting and lifelong impression on a first date. Dinner and a movie, while tried and true, is just not the kind of "zing" that leaves a lasting impression. On the same note, a bouquet of flowers and complimenting looks are much of the same old humdrum. If you want to have a date to remember, you need to be bold and spice it up!

Art galleries can be a wonderful choice for first dates. Art tends to spur both thought and emotion, leading to some great conversations and deeply romantic moments. Leaning against each other in silence in front of a moving piece of art can easily become a tender and long-lasting memory. An animated discussion about what a particular painting means can become more than a simple chat and get into "deep" issues, where both of you share part of yourselves.

A picnic in the park may seem old-fashioned, but that is part of what makes it a wonderful choice among romantic evening ideas.

This common impression of picnic dates evokes a sense of nostalgia and brings to mind the magical "true love" first dates of movies. While it is a safe public place, this kind of date is very endearing and has a sort of easy intimacy. A good bottle of wine can add to the sense of romance, but be mindful of your local alcohol laws.

Sightseeing can be another great choice. A lot of people neglect many of the local sights that visitors will go to see. It can be very exciting to learn new things about the place that you live in and realize how much is around to see and do in your area.

This sense of wonderment and interest creates a great atmosphere for building bonds with a new person and creating a delightful memory. Prepare a list of more sights than you actually plan to see. When on the date, just randomly pick the next place to go after finishing with another to help create a sense of spontaneity and fun, building on the feeling of excitement. Avoid visiting too many places with large crowds or a lot of noise, as they make it difficult to talk or cultivate a sense of intimacy.

There are a lot of fantastic romantic evening ideas for first dates, but you should be sure to pick one that suits you. If you are not going to have a good time, do not pick one simply because you believe your date would like it.

If you are not enjoying yourself, your date will pick up on that negative vibe and it will ruin your well-meaning date idea. It is important that you both enjoy yourselves, so that you can relax, enjoy each other's company, and develop an intimate bond.

With a good date idea and a little luck, your first date will turn out to be fantastic and quite memorable.

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